The road to healing
It does not matter the kind of abuse: physical, sexual, verbal, spiritual. They all have the same consequences that paralyze victims' souls and determine behavior. The damage goes unreported and the broken must live in a world of shame and silence. Abuse leads to dangerous behaviors including substance abuse, domestic violence, and criminal behavior. Abuse not only affects the victim, but it reaches into families and society with damaging effects that go untold and unhealed. Abuse is so dirty and dark it remains in the shadows of everyday life where the wounded sense no feeling of hope.

The first step to healing is to tell your story. Yeah whom? The fear of disclosure, the danger of telling someone untrustworthy. The shame is too overwhelming. Holding on to Hope Ministries is committed to informing the community about the nature and consequences of abuse. HOHM shares with schools, community organizations, and churches encouraging survivors to tell their story in some way. You can start the healing process today right here.
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Internet pornography
Sign up your school or youth group today for this compelling program.

"There are 4.2 million pornographic websites. There are 420 million pornographic web pages and 68 million daily pornographic search engine requests."

"Three in four young people (75%) have a home internet connection. Nearly one third (31%) have a computer in their bedroom. In a typical day, about half of young people go online from home, 20% from school, and 16% from someplace else."

"Police wondered where two girls, ages 11 and 12, who had posted photos of themselves nude on the Internet got the idea. They said they were influenced by pornography on the Internet. Photos of the girls were downloaded and distributed at their school."

NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS – kids are being destroyed right under our noses!

Holding on to Hope Ministries will come to your school, church, or community group with an informative program sharing the dangers of this growing plague. The consequences to children and adults are identical to those of sexual abuse and should not be ignored. There is hope for rescue from this trap. Call us today for information.
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Holding onto Hope is about the devastation of sexual abuse. It is destroying the hope for which our Lord came. There is a very large elephant in the room that my friend John Fort has addressed most effectively in his book, Accountability; Integrity through Relationship. The issue; Internet Pornography. Here are a few excerpts and statistics from John's book:
  • "The fact is pornography is not what it was in our generation. No generation in the history of the human race has ever faced anything like 21st Century online pornography. The effect of pornography use has changed, especially on children."

  • Pornography TODAY is not the same as in the 20th Century

    • "It is not uncommon for the first pornographic images a boy sees, to be videos that simulate men raping women against their will. 88% of video porn shows physical aggression. This teaches children that sex and violence go together."
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By Bill Harbeck

There is no crime more devastating than childhood sexual abuse. It steals the innocence and soul of its victims and leaves them in a world of silence and shame. Attempting to live in safety, survivors create a world of false security praying no one will ever discover the ugly secret and no one will hurt them again. For too long, these stories have hidden in the shadows, countless souls longing for freedom from the pain and suffering in their hearts. This is just one story that speaks for millions who are holding on to hope.

"The first book I ever read cover to cover."
"Couldn't put it down."
"It's like reading my own story."
"A work of Hope."

For a donation of any amount to Holding on to Hope Ministries, we will send you an autographed copy of the book. You will not be able to put this story down and we encourage you to pass it along to a friend.

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